Exploring Autumn Beautiful Destinations with WWTT

As the sweltering summer heat begins to wane, and the leaves start to change their hues, it's time to venture into the enchanting season of autumn. For Lebanese travellers seeking picturesque autumn destinations, WorldWide Travel & Tourism (WWTT) has curated a collection of breathtaking places easily accessible from Lebanon. From colourful forests to charming towns, these destinations offer an idyllic escape to immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn.


Cappadocia, Turkey:

Just a short flight away from Lebanon, Cappadocia in Turkey is a dreamlike destination during autumn. The region's unique landscape, dotted with surreal fairy chimneys and ancient cave dwellings, takes on a magical aura amidst the golden autumn foliage. Experience the thrill of hot air ballooning at sunrise to witness the stunning panoramic views of the colourful valleys below.

Kfardebian, Lebanon:

If you prefer to stay closer to home, Kfardebian in Lebanon's Mount Lebanon offers a picturesque autumn getaway. Explore the scenic mountain trails, surrounded by the vibrant colours of changing leaves. Savour traditional Lebanese cuisine at cosy mountain lodges and embrace the refreshing mountain air.

Provence, France:

A short flight to France opens the doors to Provence, a region known for its lavender fields and charming countryside. In autumn, the vineyards are bathed in warm hues, and the quaint villages exude a romantic ambiance. Enjoy wine tasting, stroll through lavender fields, and indulge in the local culinary delights.

Tuscany, Italy:

Tuscany's rolling hills and picturesque landscapes come alive with warm autumn tones during this season. A short flight away from Lebanon, this Italian region offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and stunning natural beauty. Wander through vineyards, visit mediaeval towns, and relish in the region's world-renowned cuisine.


A short boat ride or flight from Lebanon, Cyprus presents a delightful autumn escape. With its Mediterranean climate, the island maintains pleasant temperatures during this time of year. Explore ancient ruins, unwind on beautiful beaches, and take in the fall scenery at Troodos Mountains, where you can find charming villages surrounded by autumn foliage.

Budapest, Hungary:

For a European city break, Budapest awaits with its stunning architecture, thermal baths, and majestic Danube River. In autumn, the city's parks are a symphony of colours, making it an ideal time for leisurely strolls along the riverbanks and through city gardens.

Vienna, Austria:

A short flight from Lebanon takes you to Vienna, Austria's elegant capital, where the grand architecture is complemented by the autumn splendour of its parks and gardens. Explore the city's rich history, indulge in Viennese coffee culture, and take a leisurely boat ride on the Danube to experience Vienna's autumn charm.


As autumn paints the world with its vibrant colours, Lebanese travellers are spoiled for choice with accessible and breathtaking destinations. From the magical landscapes of Cappadocia to the charming villages of Provence, WWTT welcomes you to experience unforgettable autumn journeys. Whether you seek the allure of a European city or the tranquillity of nature's embrace, these destinations promise to create lasting memories. So, let WWTT be your guide to discovering the beauty of autumn in these enchanting getaways. Happy autumn travels!