Our corporate business should take a lead and make meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) part of your corporate travel program. Indeed you need your meetings to show results, and we at Worldwide Travel & Tourism knows that very well.

We strive to create winning solutions and exceptional experience for your events. In our dynamic knowledge-based company, we partner with industry leaders and leverage our extensive networks to combine business with pleasure and achieve definitive success.

You can count on our Worldwide customizable offerings of business and leisure to enrich your event experience and ensure that it goes beyond just business. We work with renowned infrastructure and industry specialists to grant your business event a seamless experience.

Below you may find a detailed sequence of activities that will be undertaken and their corresponding timing depending on the category of the event:

1. Provide pre-event assistance or following services (depending on the category of the event):

  • Assistance in preparation of the event budget.
  • Formulating a time-bound action plan for the event.
  • Designing, printing, and mailing of invitations, brochures, and registration forms.
  • Compiling participant information and database management (must for high profile event).
  • Follow-up and interaction with the participants for event related queries.
  • Prepare an accompanying persons program for the event.
  • Identification and negotiations for a suitable venue and accommodation.
  • Assistance in selection of the event bags, badges, stationery, and souvenirs.
  • Preparation of an audio-visual plan for the event as per the proposed set-up.
  • Identification of backdrop.
  • Designs the signage required for the event.
  • Designing of the registration process as per the event requirements.
  • Identification of manpower requirements for the event.
  • Design a feedback form for the event.

2. Providing on-site assistance during the event:

  • Co-ordination with the venue/hotel personnel for all event related details.
  • Cater to all simultaneous interpretation / translation requirements for the event.
  • Setting up of a Secretariat with all business center facilities.
  • Facilitate and set up break away rooms as required for group discussions.
  • Facilitation desk for assistance throughout the duration of the event.
  • Execute the registration process as per the plan.
  • Ensure the provision of all audio-visual facilities and signage as per the plan.
  • Provide audio recording facilities as and when required.
  • Over-all event and stage/dais management including floral arrangements.
  • Food and beverage planning for the entire event – if needed.
  • Organize and co-ordinate cultural/entertainment evening during the event.
  • Assistance at the International and Domestic airport upon arrival & departure.
  • Co-ordination of all transportation requirements including sight- seeing tours.
  • Provision of still/video photography for the event.
  • Welcome letters detailing the extent of hospitality to all the participants • Any other event related services.

3. Providing following review and documentation support, post event:

  • Compile and analyze all feedback related to the event.
  • Arrange for post event tours locally and domestically.
  • Conduct and review a post event analysis.
  • Review the actual costs vis a vis the budget.
  • Consolidation and submission of the final bills.

4. Deliverables

  • Flawless organization and coordination of the event.
  • Payment of claims from third parties and submitting the same with supporting documentation for reimbursement from UN WOMEN;
  • Submitting satisfactory documentation and technical reporting of the event, as agreed in advance, including updated list of participants with complete details – name, designation, address, email telephone and mobile numbers for future reference.


5. Payment Schedule

  • In general Payment will be made after satisfactory completion of the event including receiving the expected deliverables.